Battle Cancer Fatigue

Fighting the tiredness.

As working with more and more cancer patients to help them in their rehab, the most common side effect is fatigue.  For the majority of patients this can be the most annoying symptom as a lot of patients would agree it is draining physically and mentally.  Exhaustion has a massive impact on the individuals life and causes a person to struggle to carry out the basic of tasks.

We can however look at minimising the side effects and boost energy.

There are a number of reasons creating the fatigue such as the cancer itself, cancer treatments, depression, etc.

Here are a number of ways to combat fatigue.


It might be a lot of effort but try to get up and move around, research has shown that cancer patients who exercised were less tired, depressed and actually slept better as well.


Eating a healthy colourful diet can help give you energy as with some patients they lose weight as they are battling cancer, normally due to the nausea and vomiting that comes as a side effect of some treatments.  You need to ensure you are getting enough quality calories and fluids in your diet to help prevent fatigue and increase energy.

Talk about it.  

Having cancer can drain you emotionally as it is hard to come to terms with and therefore will be exhausting.  There is evidence that talking can reduce stress, anxiety and depression which will hopefully be beneficial on fatigue.  Joining a support group can help you understand that you are not alone even though no journey is the same.


It is important to save your energy, you will find that you are better at certain parts of the day than others and let other people help you out if it is offered.

Out and about in nature. 

Activities such as sitting beside the lake or going for a walk in the countryside has been proven to reduce fatigue.

Relaxation therapy. 

Practicing relaxation techniques such as yoga and mindfulness techniques can help, but also looking towards massage therapies.

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