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  • Duration 1 Hour
  • Trainer , Chris
Difficulty Level
  • Low
  • Meduim
  • Tough

What is LEAP?

LEAP is an eleven week NHS funded weight management course that incorporates both nutrition, delivered by a registered Dietician, and exercise lead by a highly qualified exercise professional.

The exercise class delivered as part of LEAP; although delivered as a group; is tailored to the individual, and takes in to consideration of medical conditions and injuries, and allows you to take part in exercise safely and under the supervision of a qualified professional. Each week the exercise progresses to help aid you in your weight loss, as well as increase your mobility, co-ordination, balance and general health and fitness.

What are the benefits of LEAP?

LEAP provides professional and friendly support from a registered dietitian regarding your nutrition and inclusive exercise tailored to help your lose weight, and improve your health.

Losing weight and becoming active, can improve your health significantly, for example it can lower your blood pressure and reduce cholesterol, reduce risks of heart disease and some cancers as well as increasing your self-confidence and mental wellbeing.

How hard is the exercise at LEAP?

As hard as you make it! – if you have health concerns talk to your instructor before hand

Where can I do LEAP?

If you are interested in joining LEAP please call Leicestershire Nutrition and Dietetic Service on 0116 2227154 to find out more information.


Class Day Time Location
LEAP Monday 13:30 Thurmaston
LEAP Monday 19:30 Loughborough
LEAP Wedesday 19:30 Countesthorpe
LEAP Wednesday 18:00 Newbridge High School
LEAP Maintainers Monday 18:30 Loughborough
LEAP Maintainers Wednesday 18:45 Countesthorpe
LEAP Maintainers Wednesday 19:00 Newbridge High School 


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Sports Massage, Medical conditions, Weight loss

Other areas of expertise: Strength Training, Core Stability, Nutrition, Cancer Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pre and Post Natal, Doctors Referral, Elderly and Falls Prevention

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