Strength training in the 50+

Strength Training in the 50+

Strength training in the 50+ is very important due to the increased risk of having a fall, also this is important for having a quality of life.  One person dies every 5 hours as a result of having a fall in the UK.  After the first fall they have a 60% chance of falling again and the cost of falls is 2.3 billion pounds a year on the NHS.

So shouldn’t we be trying to make people steadier on their feet, building their confidence up?  During a strength training programme it should take someone 8-12 weeks to notice a difference.  40% of people aged 50 or over in the UK lead a sedentary lifestyle and don’t you think this will get worse as people are living longer now.

In over 75’s three months of strength training rejuvenates up to 20 years worth of lost strength (Skelton 1994).  For someone’s quality of life this can mean going up stairs or getting out of a chair with ease, lifting shopping bags. We want to keep people as independent as possible not only for the physical benefits but also for the mental health benefits.

Ideally you want to do some sort of training three times a week to get a moderate progression.  With doing targeted exercise this can help improve posture and decrease the risk of having a fall.

After working in sheltered accommodation with aged 65+ participants you can notice a huge difference when they are using their walking aids less and getting out of their chairs easier. This was through the independence programme which was designed by Chris Mawbey for North West Leicestershire District Council.

If you would like more information on how you can stay independent through targeted and specific training then contact one of our PSI (Postural Stability Instructors).

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