Training Outdoors

Have started to train more outside with clients recently, There are so many benefits,this is where we trained this afternoon, here are a few points.

EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE – Outdoor workouts are even more challenging- due to working harder with uneven surfaces and the natural elements. 

IT’S TIME TO BURN – Training outdoors can burn up to 20% more calories! 

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR – Fresh air & oxygen delivery is much better for you. 

BACK TO THE CORE – Training with the uneven surfaces improves your balance and core skills. 

MOTHER NATURE’S GYM – Training outside is priceless, it can be used anywhere-no excuses! 

ENERGISING – Using the energy of the natural elements can help both fuel and motivate you. We shine being outside. 

THE GREAT OUTDOORS – Provides us with essential VITAMIN D, which helps us maintain strong health bones, by retaining calcium., not forgetting a healthy glow! 

TONE UP AND FEEL GREAT – Outdoor training provides the perfect total body workout! 

LIGHTEN UP – Light is crucial to our biorhythms, our sense of well being and every process in the body- especially good for SAD sufferers! 

If you fancy training outdoors then let us know, you can train with partners or a group. Contact us now on how our training can help you on

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