Workplace Health

31164419_mlCorporate personal training can be of great benefit for many reasons. Health problems, stress, high staff turnover can all be helped with a personal training programme. Healthy happy employees make for an efficient business!

Any company requiring personal training in their private gyms/offices or group personal training please get in touch.

Programs can be put together for individual staff and trained one-to-one or alternatively group sessions. Discounted rates will apply if multiple staff/sessions are required.


  • Great stress reliever
  • Fitness and Health tests
  • Team building and motivation


  • Health Checks (BMI, Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Posture analysis)
  • Taster Classes within the workplace
  • Office massage
  • Workshops based on exercise or nutrition

Health Checks are also available for businesses which can lead to a discount for employees on classes and personal training with a lot more benefits – so if you think a company or service might be interested then please get in touch.